Sunday, July 16, 2017

The Cousins Visit

Last month Brittany brought her two oldest kids up to hang out for a little over week.  It was so fun for the kids and us!  Brit left after a few days and the kids stayed for Sophie to attend camp with Dave.  Which meant I got to spend some quality time with Caleb and Ike!  Here are some pictures from our adventures.

Dave in his bunk at camp.  First time at Camp Mack!!

Look how cute these kids are!

Piled on the couch with grandma and grandpa.

Art project with grandma.

Ike and Caleb passed out while Ike mean mugs me.

Ike and Caleb ready for our movie date while Sophie and Dave were at camp.

Bennett joined us too to go see the free movie downtown.

First day of VBS!

Dave's front tooth had been soooo wiggly for weeks.  He finally pulled it the night he got home from camp.

Buddies at VBS.

Sophie came on the last day!

A little was hot at the pool!

Loving the pool.

Ike's ninja mask kinda turned into looking like he had a tooth problem.  :)

Can't wait to see the Smiths again!  The kids all have such a great time whenever we get together.

Saturday, July 8, 2017

Summer Adventures

We really really love our town and all that it has to offer us, especially during the summer!  Free movies, first Fridays, library activities, etc.

First Friday in June was super fun and the kids loved all the activities.

Huge inflatable!

Free snow cones at the library!

The city lets kids paint the snow plows for next year.  Love this tradition!

Ike enjoyed his dentist checkup.

Love these boys.  Bennett celebrated his 5th birthday!  (Not sure how that is possible!)

Ike in his ridiculous matching outfit.  Even his shoes match.  And of course Dave is photobombing and dabbing.

Painting rocks for my garden.

The Slaughters are back!  Stacey and I took them to a movie on their moving day.

Weather for this summer: lots and lots of rain!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Memorial Day in Evansville

We had a great time visiting in Evansville for a long weekend!  Spent a lot of time hanging at the pool and Josh helped Tony and Ben with their deck for a good portion of the weekend.  Grandpa hosted a cookout for my birthday (well maybe for Memorial Day but who is keeping track!) and we got to hang with Liam and Gavin.  Fun-filled and jam-packed weekend away!

New jammies from Gamma.

Could this kid get any cooler?  Lol.

Gavin giving Ike a ride.

Grandma Kyra with Liam and Gavin.

The kids all really love ice cream.

Grandpa manning the grill.

Ike was pumped about that hot dog.

Dave helping Gil and Lance set up some yard games.

Water wars with Gamma.

It was a little bright for a picture!

Ike helped Ben, Mom, and I do some landscaping.

Grandpa and Ike enjoyed these concrete tubes (I'm sure they have a more professional name than that!).

Uncle Tony trying to kick the kids off the raft.

Playing with cars and tracks.

Look at that smile!  So cute.

We had gorgeous weather for swimming!

Ike had to borrow one of Grandpa's shirts to ride home.  He got a little soaked during his water war.

Working on their Pokedex with Gamma.

Tony and Josh's project...getting the posts in for their new deck.

Sunday, June 11, 2017

Ike's Preschool Promotion and Dave's Last Day of School

The boys are growing up so fast!  Ike had his preschool promotion (where he moves on to Pre-K for next year) and Dave had his last day of 1st grade.  Hard on this momma!

Ike really enjoyed the singing portion.  Here's a video.

His buddy Bennett graduated from Pre-K!

Just look at these big kids!

Ike and I were matching at the program.

Dave's last day of school.  He is so excited for 2nd grade.

I forgot to get Ike's picture on his last day so I had him join Dave's to document!