Thursday, April 20, 2017

Spring Break Part I

We spent our first couple of days of spring break with Josh's sister and her family in Orlando.  The boys were sooooo excited to see their cousins again!  We rolled in a little late thanks to some fabulous Florida traffic, but that didn't stop the kids from running around like crazy people.  6 kids under 8 is definitely a good time!  :)

I think this was when we made it into Florida.  Always exciting, but still quite a ways to go.

Ike and Zac enjoying breakfast.

Dave and Sophie getting his homework done immediately.   We went on spring break early, so Dave missed a week of school.

Biking around their new community.  It was awesome!

The big kids waiting for the littler ones to catch up.

Brooklyn was not happy Ike was sharing her wagon.

Dave's smile looks super genuine here.

All the cousins minus Brooklyn (the only one who sleeps in!).

Sophie and Caleb's school had a fundraiser event going on, so we all crashed it.

Fun in the bounce house.

Posing with the school mascot.

Josh is still not Brooklyn's favorite person.

Ice cream!  This was the best picture.  Hard to believe right?

Much better!

Park on our last day.  Brooklyn wanted to do the rings but also did not want to stop eating.  #problemsolved

Getting some baseball practice in with Zac.

He's my bud!

It was a little windy out, and check out those clouds!

As usual we did a terrible job getting a group photo of all the kids.  Our best results:

We had so much fun hanging with the Smiths!  It's so hard being far away, but I love that the kids still have an awesome connection when we do get together!  Until next time!

Tuesday, February 28, 2017

The Remainder of Winter

Since I've totally failed at writing blog posts this winter, I'm compiling all the pictures I've taken and putting them in this post.  So, there's lots of variety!  We are gearing up for Florida (we leave in 3 sleeps!!) and I wanted a fresh start for the blog when we get back.  :)

Ike playing while I watched an IU game.  Been a pretty rough season this year!

Roller skating over winter break.

Too cute.  Love Ike's monotone outfit.

Chef Ike reporting for duty.  Here's a video of him helping with spaghetti.

Dave reading to us at night.  Crazy eyes.

Paper Dave brought home from school.  It reads, "One day my mom didn't let me play videogames and it was not fun but Ike got to play videogames.  I hit Ike and on his back (bake) and Ike cried".  Oh the love of brothers.  #truestory

My lovely cleaning helper.

He frequently snatches the full container of tomatoes and brings me back 1-2.  That's a lot of tomatoes in one sitting.

Matching Pokemon hats!

Checking out the new piece of equipment down at the shop.

Minion eyes and Batman abs.

I have lots of pictures of Ike cleaning!

Enjoying another nice day outside.

Rudy's place for lunch on an E-learning day.

Staff kids rooting for the Warriors!

Hanging with my best bud Elli at the basketball game!

Dave helped Ike with his alphabet flashcards...Ike's knowledge of letters is pretty abysmal at this point, but we're working on it!

We took a bunch of cottage kids to the circus!

Ike launching his hot wheels. Here's a video of him in action.

The boys got Lego Batman minifigures for Valentine's Day from Gamma.

Josh suffered a pretty nasty injury while riding his dirt bike.  12 stitches later and he's doing much better!

Josh's 34th birthday!

Getting some quality time in playing video games.

I cannot explain Ike's outfit choices in this picture.

Lego Batman!

Kyson and Dave's creation at Lego Club at the library.

Loving this crazy weather.

Uncle Tony came to visit!

And Uncle Scott!

Snow from a couple of weeks ago.

Love this laugh!

Dad and Kyra came to visit last weekend with Liam and Gavin.  This is the only picture I took.  I really have to get with the program!

Okay, I am officially caught up!  Can't wait to hang with the Smith family for a couple of days in Orlando and then enjoy some time with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Dave!