Tuesday, October 14, 2014


Last weekend we went down to the New Albany area to "camp" with Josh's family.  We stayed in cabins, so we weren't exactly roughing it, but the kids enjoyed it and we got to sleep in real beds.  :)

One morning we went to Deere Farms, which is in Lanesville.  It was really cute and the kids had a blast.  They had hay rides, pig races, corn mazes, a huge slide, pony rides, etc.  The weather wasn't great, but we just all bundled up (notice the blankets!).

Family picture.

Ike loved playing in the corn.

Uncle Josh was making Zac laugh by throwing corn at him.  Poor kid.

Ready for the hay ride out to see the pig races.

Ike was not ready for this picture I guess!

Kids with grandma.

Caleb all bundled up.

After Deere Farms, Josh and I took the boys to a street fair in downtown New Albany where we sampled some delicious food including crepes and tiny donuts.  Mmmm.  On the way back to the camp, we stopped at a Case dealership so Ike could check out some awesome tractors and lawn mowers.  Probably his favorite part of the whole weekend!

"Lawn mower, I ride it?!"

When we got back to the cabins, everybody was napping except Sophie, so we took her with us to a park in the campgrounds.

Ike playing in this cool tunnel structure at the park.

Dave at the top of a climbing thing.

Soph on her way to the top.

The cabins we stayed in were totally apart from the rest of the campgrounds, so the kids were able to play on the road in front of them that went in a big loop.  We brought scooters and some ride-on toys and they played for hours out there!

Ike convinced Zac to push him around.

Sophie cheesing out.

S'mores...delicious and not at all messy  :)

Such a fun trip!  We do need to get the kids to sleep in a little longer!  They were all up at 5:30 the first morning (thankfully they were in grandma and grandpa's cabin, haha).  I am sure one day we will be complaining that they want to sleep all day, but I sure can't imagine that right now!

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Ike is TWO!

My baby is 2!  I cannot believe it, this happened way too fast.  He is growing into such a fun, crazy, energetic kid and I love it.  His vocabulary expands every day, and he is pretty much to the point where you can have a reasonable conversation with him.  Although he usually only wants to talk about golf carts or lawn mowers. :)  Here's a video of him chatting.  I really treasure the mornings that I have with Ike when Dave is at preschool.  We have all kinds of fun together, and it is great to have some one-on-one time with him.

We had two "parties" for Ike-one on his birthday, and one on Sunday so great-grandparents Mary and Dave could come celebrate too!

He really enjoyed blowing out the candles!

His last monthly sign!

His cake.  Supposed to be a lawn mower (mowing the last bit of grass).  Ike kept calling it a combine.  Close enough.

Ike with his pal Greggy.

Ike and Gamma.

Love this picture of grandpa Dave and Ike!

Now for Ike updates.  We  missed his doctor's appointment because I was sick, so I don't know his stats yet.  He very much enjoys playing and wrestling (especially with Dave) and loves to play with anything with wheels.  His best buds are Lewis and Bennett.  His favorite TV show is Bubble Guppies, but he still will only watch about 5 minutes of an episode before running off to do something.  He loves balloons, but really only to pop them.  He screams at the top of his lungs when he doesn't get his way.  Love that feature  :)  Anytime someone leaves our house he insists on giving them "huggies".  This can really prolong someone's departure since it often takes multiple hugs!

Ike loves to help cook.  Josh and Ike have been getting into making eggs lately and it's super adorable.  He enjoys painting and coloring and has produced many masterpieces for us already.  And he loves to sing/play guitar.  Here is a video of the boys singing a church song.  Ike really gets into it!


Ike playing with bath paints.

The boys and their goggles.

Ike with the big pumpkins.

He begs to go to the pumpkin patch daily (we go about once a week).  If you have a phone out or your computer on, he runs over and asks (screams at you, whatever) to put on videos of tractors or lawn mowers.  Have I mentioned that he gets into everything?  I just had to stop him from draining all the water out of the water cooler just now.  Ike is definitely not boring!  He certainly makes our lives more interesting and it has been such a joy watching him grow up so far.  I can't wait to see what the next years hold for us!

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Fall Fun

We have been having so much fun doing all the fall activities in our area.  Love that we live close to all of these cool places!  The past two weeks we have been to the pumpkin patch, on a hike to Asherwood Nature Preserve, and to the local apple orchard!

Working backwards, we went to McClure's apple orchard on Monday.  They have a barn where you can pet farm animals and they do U-Pick apples on the weekends.

The boys posing with the giant pumpkin.

Ike and Bennett playing with the bunnies.

Ike's "smile" is getting really questionable! He does say cheese when I get the camera out though.

Dave and Ike failed at this sign.  No amount of yelling got their attention enough to look at me.

Lewis and Bennett seem to get the idea!

Last Thursday, we went with some people on campus to Asherwood to do a hike.  The hike was paved (which is very nice with kids) and we were able to see some cool birds in the aviary.

Dave with the owl.

Pretty sure Dave is slowly shoving Ike's head in this picture.

The kids all did a fantastic job on the hike.  We were on the lookout for snails and they were super pumped whenever we found one!  

At the top of a slide...Ike was not so sure about going down.

Finally, last Tuesday we went to Campbell's pumpkin patch, which is about 5 minutes from our house.  Extremely convenient  :)

The kids checking out the burros.

Dave borrowed my camera to take this shot of the eyes.

Eme and Ike sitting on the hay wagon.

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Sophie's 5th Birthday

On Friday the kids and I went down to Indy to celebrate Sophie's birthday (I am in total denial that this means Dave is going to turn 5 in a couple of months!).  We met at a park and had pizza and cupcakes with ice cream and the kids had a blast hanging out with their cousins.

Getting ready to blow out her candle.  No idea what is going on with Dave.

Ike really enjoyed his ice cream.  Kept him occupied for about 10 minutes!

Sophie had lots of (unwanted) help opening up her presents.  :)

Besides the party, we have been pretty much just hanging out around campus.  The weather has been really cool in the mornings this past week, so we have spent a lot of time inside until it warms up.

Playing on Dave's bed.

I had to wash Dave's sheets because he fell asleep on top of a granola bar he insisted on eating around 3 a.m. the other night.  The boys thought it was so fun to be on Dave's bed without the sheets on.  They are super strange!

Ike and Bennett watching the turtles eat.  

Dave doing his homework for preschool.

He has homework to do about once a week, which is really nice to get him in the habit of doing it.  He always insists on doing it right away!

After looking at old videos on youtube I realized how I have been slacking taking videos of Ike!  So I took one today while big brother was not around to try to steal the spotlight  :)  Here is Ike talking about a bunch of random stuff.

Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Ike Turns 23 Months and Dave's 1st Day of Pre-K

Since I was slacking on writing both of these posts, I figured I may as well stick them together.  I am in total denial that Ike is going to be 2 in a month and Dave is one short year away from kindergarten.  I can't take all this growing up!

Ike's 23 month picture...only about a week late.

Dave before his first morning.  He looks so old!

Ike wanted to get his picture taken with Dave-pretty sure he thought he was going to school too!

A little about each boy.  Ike continues to dislike hearing "no" and now tattles on whoever did so.  Imagine him crying to the point of blubbering and then telling me, "Daddy said no!!!".  Not a fan.  He has started saying ummm whenever he can't think of an answer.  "Ike, what color is the tractor?"  "ummmmm, blue?"  Still gotta work on those colors  :)  He insists that I sing Muscle in the Arm every night before bed but only really wants to hear the line about the horse.  His favorite books right now are any Curious George and he still loves lawnmowers above all other things.

In the last week Dave has insisted that he will be the following professions:  firefighter, soldier (because they get to carry guns, of course), work at White's like dad, and a basketball player.  So we'll see if any of those turn out.  His teacher this year is Miss Stephanie who he absolutely loves and he seems to be having a ton of fun so far in his class.  He loves to watch youtube videos of kids talking about random things like video games and opening up blind bags.  His favorite TV show is probably Power Rangers right now.  And he is obsessed with anything to do with Legos (especially mini figures).

Ike having a blast playing with noodles.

Dave making a pouty face.

But look at that grin!

Ike keeping our yard looking the best in the neighborhood :)

Bennett, Dave, and Ike playing superheroes upstairs.

Finally, here's a video of Ike singing the Batman and Spider-man songs (sort of) and then attempting to jump.  He really did jump this morning, but has had trouble repeating the skill  :)

Monday, September 8, 2014

A Week in Southern Indiana

We just spent a fantastic week relaxing with the family down in Evansville.  Josh had some extra vacation time, so we headed down to see everybody and enjoy the tail-end of summer.  Tony took off the whole week, but everybody else had to work which gave us lots of time to do some random activities that we have been wanting to do!

Dave with Uncle Justin.  He was so excited that my stepbrother Justin came to visit over Labor Day weekend!  They had lots of nerf fights!

Ike with Uncle Tony.  Adorable.

We went to Sky Zone!  So. Much. Fun.

One summer in college I worked at the plant where my dad works in Kentucky.  Every day Tony and I drove past Audubon State Park in Henderson and I always wanted to see what it was...finally made it there, and it was so nice!

Dave and Josh on a grapevine.

The long hike to the "scenic" overlook.

It wasn't super scenic, but we had a lot of fun getting there.

We ventured over to Kentucky again to go to Smothers Park in Owensboro.  Seriously the nicest park/play area I have ever seen.  Highly recommended if you are in the area!

Dave and Ike in the splash area.

I think they thought it was funny because it looked like they were peeing?  Boys...

Dave climbed this big rock wall all by himself.

Just watching a barge go by.

Big time bubbles in Gamma's awesome tub.

Riding some rides at Gatti Town.  Dave even got to go on the bumper cars.

I just loved Dave's expression here.

Ike and Papa Charlie on one of several lawn mower rides.  He always made sure to tell me that it was "on" afterwards.

So that was pretty much our visit.  I didn't get any pictures of the kids playing in the pool, but we spent many afternoons lounging in the sunshine!  Dave, Josh, and Tony also played golf one afternoon, but I received no pictures of the event.  Lots of good food and fun times being with family!