Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Grandpa Dave Sievers' 80th Birthday!

Josh's grandpa Dave celebrated his 80th birthday in October and the family came together to throw him a surprise party! We met up at his sister's assisted living home (which was really nice!) and proceeded to get everything ready before he came downstairs.

The kids enjoyed playing on the stage as we set up.

We were waiting patiently for the elevators to open so we could start singing Happy Birthday!

He was super surprised!

Brooklyn sure loves Grandma Mary!

The kids sneaking away to play with their electronics.

His sisters are a hoot!

Cousins picture.

Added the spouses in!

Brooklyn was tired of having her picture taken so Grandma D was making her annoyed look along with her!

Look at this cute couple!

Mom and daughters.

Veronica enjoyed photobombing this picture.

It was a wonderful day to celebrate a great man!  So glad everybody was able to come together to make his day special, and it was great to see lots of people we don't see very often and awesome to meet lots of Josh's family that I hadn't met yet!

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Fall Visit with the Smith Family

The Smiths came up to enjoy a lovely Indiana fall and to celebrate Grandpa Dave's 80th birthday.  The birthday post will be later...don't wan to put too many pictures in one post! 

While they were here we did lots of fun stuff!  The kids had multiple sleepovers, we went to the Battle of 1812, the grownups went on a date night (with grandma and grandpa babysitting!), and we had the big birthday bash.  Here are a whole lot of pictures from the week!

We spent a lot of time outside trying to enjoy the last bit of warm weather before winter! The Smiths all enjoyed it since they don't get to experience fall weather down in Florida.

Lots of football was played!

Ike and Zac bonded over running down the big hill.

Our boys love the 1812 battle out at Mississinewa, and the Smiths had never been so we all went out to have some snacks and watch the battle.

Dave held my camera on the way in.

I tried so hard to get a decent group picture...

Watching the river battle.

Ike and Zac doing some chopping.

The kids all loved hanging out at Barry and Divana's new property.  Golf cart rides, playing with the 4 wheeler and power wheels, what's not to love?

Riding with grandma. 

On Saturday we had Grandpa Dave's surprise party, but since we didn't know about it we had a get together planned for Sunday to throw him off figuring it out.  We had to move the gathering indoors because of the weather, so everybody came to our house!

Still celebrating the birthday boy! 

Aunt Gayle joined us and Sophie photobombed.

Zac snuggling with grandma.

Waiting on a train to pass so we could walk to the park.

Ready to catch that football!

Walking home.

They sure are a cute bunch!

Tuesday, October 31, 2017

Ike's 5th Birthday

Well, Ike is 5. I always think the previous year's birthday is the hardest and then they go and get another year older and it's the same as before. I'm not quite sure where my babies went, but I sure do love hanging out with these crazy boys that they've become! 

I've been thinking about how I can describe Ike to capture his spirit at this age. Pictures probably do the best job, but there are so many things I want to remember!  Like how he says "breaktast" instead of breakfast. Never fails to make my smile every morning. Right now he's obsessed with Amazon Music and spends most of his day playing and listening to Fall Out Boy or the new Imagine Dragons CD.  I cannot tell you how many times he's run in to blare a song in my face that he's sure I'll love. (He's usually wrong, ha!)

He's teetering on the edge of a lot of things being too little kid for him but I catch him playing with his toys from a couple years ago or he gets a renewed interest in tractors again anytime he sees one in action. Ike is very strong-willed (like his brother...wonder where they got that trait from?). If he gets it in his head that he won't do something, good luck!  Take for instance PJ day at his school this morning. No doing, he was not wearing pajamas.  Instead he wore a polo.  Who doesn't want to wear pajamas all day? 

Alright, on to the pictures.

He got two $5 bills from Josh's grandparents.  Thrilled!

Posing with his black panther cake.  Not sure what that creepy smile is about!

He was very excited to receive a laser tag game.

Commando set he got from my dad and Kyra. 

I forced him to take a selfie with me on his actual birthday. We had almost two weeks of celebrating for him this year!

He got his face painted at our church's fall fest.  He's black panther so they painted a cat face on him, ha!

He found a dead snake at my dad's house.  And proceeded to carry it around.  If that doesn't describe him, I don't know what will!

Ike is such a joy to raise...he's always doing something goofy or super sweet.  He even will still snuggle with me sometimes!  He is incredibly difficult to punish because when he gets into trouble it's usually for something so ridiculous that we can't help but laugh at his antics. I say it all the time, but I would love to just pause him (and Dave) at their current ages right now. They are so much fun!