Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring Break Visit to Evansville

Over Dave's actual spring break, the kids and I went down to Evansville to spend 5 nights with the family.  We overlapped with my stepbrother's visit, so the kids got to see their cousin Liam and meet Gavin!

We had beautiful weather!

Dave being adventurous in the woods behind Gamma's house.

Baby Gavin-what a cutie.

Ike and Liam took numerous mower rides with grandpa Charlie.

The boys with Uncle Tony.

Ike had to ride all of grandpa Dave's toys too.

Helping grandpa with the grilling.

Dave practiced his shot with a CO2 gun.

We took the kids over to a great park in Newburgh.

Love Ike and Grandpa's relationship!  They are two peas in a pod.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Florida 2016-Nokomis

Finally updating the rest of our Florida vacation. :)  We spent most of our week with Josh's grandparents in Nokomis (near Sarasota).  Every day was pretty much the same...get up, take a walk, hit the pool, eat lunch, go the beach, eat some dinner, go to bed.  Perfect.  We did do a couple of outings though.

One day we went to Myakka State Park with Grandma Mary to spot some alligators.  The kids love this place, and it's so pretty.

Family picture.  The kids fought over Josh's binoculars the entire time.  

The alligators were out in full force.

If you look really close you can see a gator on the right side of this photo.

We rode around on bikes quite a bit.  Ike really wants to be able to ride the big three wheeler.

Josh and the boys swimming. Ike got pretty good without his floats on while we were there.

Dave feeling the water for the first time this year.  A little chilly.

Look at these cute boys!

They got an early Easter present from Gamma so they didn't fight over Josh's anymore.

Annual picture at the Grove.

Another great year in Florida!  So thankful for everyone putting up with us and letting us stay!!  Until next year :)

Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Florida 2016-Visiting the Smiths

We had the best time in Florida this year!  It was so nice to see Britt, Chad, and the kiddos on our first stop.  This is just a ridiculous amount of pictures, so I will just get to it.

The kids were sooooooo excited to see their cousins.  And also to wear shorts and sandals :)  We changed the second we got out of the car.

Caleb and Ike chilling on the couch.

We all felt very safe with these super heroes around.  Zac, Ike, and Sophie.


We mostly hung out and played at the parks nearby and the pool.  But on Saturday, we went to a resort and hung out for a bit.

Dave being super stoic on the slide.

Caleb was a little more excited.

Ike was just pumped we let him go down the slide!  He loves being grouped in with the big boys!

Cuteness overload.

We took a boat over to the front of Disney World.  The next pictures show how fun it is getting a picture of 6 kids

We got to roast marshmallows on the beach at the resort after checking out Disney and riding the monorail back.


Ike and Dad.

Riding bikes over to Menchies!

Menchies yogurt is amazing.  We went twice while we were there.

Dave and Sophie posing at the pool.

Dad and Kyra came down for church and a cookout!

Whew, it was a whirlwind packed into three days!   And did I mention that 5 of the kids slept in the same room?  Not a lot of sleep actually happened I am afraid.  :)  Such great memories for the kids and for us!  Maybe next time we'll actually go inside Disney!

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Wabash County Museum and Pre-Florida Stuff

This post is a little random.  I had to catch up on my blog before I could post all of the fun Florida pictures!  We haven't done a lot as of late, mostly been enjoying the somewhat warm weather!  We went to Logansport to visit family the last two weekends and we took a visit to our local museum (thanks Dad and Kyra for the membership!).  Otherwise, we've been gearing up for vacation.

Dave working on circuits at the museum.

Ike and Grandpa Boo riding the moped tour of our county at the museum.

Ready to go play outside  :)  Here's a video of Ike being goofy dressed as Captain America.

The drive down to Florida was fantastic!  The kids did so well, and we are officially in love with having a DVD player in the van.  It was so nice to get a bunch of movies from Redbox and not hear any complaining for a long time!  And Josh and I actually got to listen to our podcasts without interruption.  So nice.

Driving down.

We made it to Florida!

Our first stop in Florida took us to Brittany and Chad's in Orlando.  Hoping to post on that tomorrow!

Thursday, February 18, 2016

Sheets Wildlife Museum and Other Things (Like Dave Losing a Tooth!)

Yesterday, Divana and I took Ike to check out Sheets Wildlife Museum in Huntington.  Josh and I had taken Dave when he was really little (here's the link to the blogpost if anyone is interested  To summarize, it's a museum filled with animals that a man from Huntington hunted throughout his lifetime.  Super awesome.

Divana and Ike with a giant moose head.

Ike with the huge polar bear.  It is crazy how big these animals are!

Dave had a wiggly tooth for a couple of days, then lost it last week during school.  He is super proud of his new smile, and Josh rewarded him by buying him minecraft on the WiiU.  Basically the best thing that ever happened to the kid.

I have noticed he is smiling for me a lot better these days!

Gosh Dave is getting so big!  We signed him up last week for Tball, so he is getting really pumped for that.  He also swam 15 laps in the pool the other day by himself!  Maybe he'll be an olympic swimmer someday  :)

Dressed in costumes by 8 am on Dave's day off on Monday.  We also went to the pool where Ike was able to swim without his floaties for the first time!  Here's a video.

Ike is suuuuuper into Jake and the Neverland Pirates.  He wants to watch it constantly and always has his eyeglass and sword ready to go.

The boys and their friend Gabe playing outside last week on a warmish day.

Couple of cuties!

We are all geared up for our Florida trip...two weeks and counting!!  And we are looking forward to some warm temps here in Indiana this weekend.  A little preview to Spring.

Monday, February 1, 2016

January Recap

We have had a busy start to the year already!  Dave is back to school and loving it, we bought a new (to us) van, and I finally joined the 21st century and got a smart phone!  In sad news, one of our turtles (from when my brother and I were little) died last week.  Shelly lived a nice long life (at least 20 years!), but I almost expected them to outlive me.  Here's Ike with Yertle.

And a video of him saying "purple turtle".  Love how he says it!

Ike and I have been working a little on letters and numbers.  He basically has no interest in either.  Definitely different from his brother!!  I thought I better get him started since he starts preschool next year-where has the time gone??  He has become super temperamental at times but is still our little joke-ster and thinks all gross bodily functions are absolutely hilarious.  Oh-and he learned to snap.  Here's a video!  He is super proud of his new talent  :)

He wanted me to take a picture of his mean face.

Dave has been getting along great in school.  I hear very little about what actually goes on from him though!  He can read most kids books now with a little help sounding out the hard words, which is just crazy to me.  Love hearing him work through words and how excited he gets when he figures a difficult one out.  We spend a lot of time at the pool because I lifeguard on campus, and Dave wanted me to take some cool action shots of him with my new phone the other day.

Popping out of the water.

Not sure what this move is!

The boys fight constantly and drive each other crazy (and me too most days!).  But then they do something super sweet for the other and I forget about all the noise they created just minutes before.  They do agree on a couple things-their love of the movie Jumanji (random right?) and the Goosebumps TV show.  We are all super excited about our upcoming trip to Florida-leaving in less than a month now!  Even though our winter hasn't been too bad, we are looking forward to some of that Florida sunshine.

One last pic-selfie with Ike.

All the photos in this post are courtesy of my new phone!  I think I kinda like it  :)