Sunday, October 16, 2016

Waterman's Family Farm

Last Friday we met my dad and Kyra and Rob and Molly's family down in Indy to check out Waterman's pumpkin patch.  We've been wanting to get down there for a couple years, so glad we could finally meet up there!

Cousins.  I took so many pictures and this was by far the best one.

Dave and Ike chillin on the huge pumpkins.

Dave in the giant inflatable.  Josh really enjoyed rolling and bouncing him all over the place.

Gavin looking up and Grandma.  Love the shirt!

Ike in the ball.  This is his fantastic "cheese" face that he loves busting out for pictures.

Not a fan of the play area.

I was shocked that Dave wanted to ride on the train.  Of course Ike didn't want to, but changed his mind after the ride was half way over.

Liam on the train.

Papa Charlie and Gavin.

Out on the hay ride.

Papa Charlie and Batman on patrol.

Josh made me take a picture with my age.  Dave clearly approved of this.

Dave, Ike, and Liam on the hay stack.

Absolutely love this picture of Dave.  He wouldn't smile for me, so made a super frowny face then made this face after because he thought he'd gotten one over on me.  Jokes on you kid.

Thanks everybody for getting together!  Gorgeous weather and great company.

Saturday, October 15, 2016

Ike's First Day of Preschool and 4th Birthday

So Ike is officially feeling the 2nd kid letdown now.  I'm combining two major events into one post even though they were almost a month apart.  Sorry buddy.  Mom's busy.  Anyway, here are some pictures from his first day of preschool.

Look at that smile.  Gosh he's adorable. And ornery, have I mentioned that lately?

He seems to like preschool okay.  Unfortunately, he's seeming a little more attached to me than I thought he'd be, so dropping him off in the morning can be a struggle sometimes.  I am glad to report that he's always in good spirits when I pick him up though!  Not sure how much he's actually absorbing at school so far-he usually can tell me some parts of songs that he sings (never enough to figure out what on earth he's talking about) and he always reports some good info from playground time.  :)  He's such a little stinker, so I'm sure he really knows more about what's going on!

Ike is still into all the farm equipment, heavy machinery, etc. We make our trek down to visit with the guys at the shop still a couple times a week so he can shoot the breeze with them and sit on all the cool toys they have down there.  He has really gotten into video games, even playing Minecraft and other games with Dave now.  He usually puts his shoes on the right feet, but it's still not 100% at this point!  Ike and Dave love to wrestle with each other (constantly) and Ike sure fights dirty.  He has his trademark hairpull along with the berzerker (sp?) where he circles his arm frantically like a windmill at his opponent (Dave).  It is truly a sight to behold.

He stills loves to "nuggle" and we are currently working on breaking him from sleeping with us.  It's definitely hard to tell him to go back to his bed when he's so darn cute and just wants to cuddle!

We celebrated his 4th birthday last week.  How is this kid 4 already??

Ike sporting his birthday button.  And his favorite shirt.  I have to wash that thing constantly so he can wear it over and over.

Hanging at Ike's party.  Couldn't believe how nice it was out!

Big guy with his batman cake.  Gotta look close to see the bat emblem!

Had to get a pic with the new birthday sign I picked up.

Just being cute.  Here's a video of Ike on his birthday.

We had a great time celebrating this cute fella.  Some of our neighbors and their kids came over to eat cake and visit.  He graciously accepted lots of great gifts ranging from Paw Patrol items to Batman stuff to a voice changer (he wants to be a spy) to Bob the Builder toys.  He sure has a lot of different interests right now!  Love this kid and am so proud to be his momma!

Evansville Visit

Last month we went to Evansville for a quick visit to walk in a fundraiser for Alzheimer's with my mom and aunt.  I don't know if I've mentioned it before on the blog, but my aunt (who lives in Charleston) has early onset Alzheimer's, so we were doing the walk in her honor.  The walk ended up getting canceled due to rain, even though it wasn't raining anymore!! We didn't let that stop us though and had our own walk.

This is after the walk...getting ready for Grandma Kyra and papa Charlie's pool!

Ike and aunt Kathy got filthy.  She even let him run through some sprinklers...  :)

Along the riverfront in Newburgh.

Group pic.  Mom made the shirts-they turned out super cute! People kept stopping us to ask about them.

And Ike with great-grandpa.  Handsome boys!

Like I said, it was a super fast trip, so that's all the pictures I took.  Looking forward to going back down to Evansville at the beginning of December!

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Last Days of Summer

Finally getting around to doing some posts!  I'm just grouping the last bit of our summer into one big post since I have so many to catch up on before our trip to Charleston (we are ready for a vacay!!).

Ike playing in the rain.  It's sad that this will soon be snow!

Just being cute while we waited for a cottage to come swim.  Here's a video of him telling me all about his imaginary friend JJ.  

Josh and some of our friends on campus fought a bat that got into our house one night.

Ike helping some of the guys from the farm shop.

The boys and Kyson prepared for an oncoming storm.

Looking cool on his new bike.

We took the boys and Em to Grissom Air Museum near Kokomo one Saturday.  It was gorgeous out and the kids had a blast climbing in and out of the planes and checking them out close up.

Ike and Em in a training cockpit.

Dave crawling through a plane.

Ike and I got to pick this huge watermelon from White's gardens.  It was delicious.

Dave trying on Josh's helmet for his new dirt bike.  You can kinda see the bike in the background.  Josh is definitely in love!  :)

Saturday, September 24, 2016

10th Anniversary in Canada

We had such an awesome time celebrating 10 years (yikes!) of marriage!  My mom came up to watch the kiddos, so we had 4 nights to get away and explore a little bit of Canada.  Our main objective was to eat at as many fabulous restaurants as possible.  I think we achieved our goal!  We started out in Niagara Falls on the Canadian Side.

Checking out the falls.  So beautiful and roaring!

View from our hotel.  Thanks mom for gifting us your points!

I loved all the different perspectives of the falls.

You have to enjoy a place where there's always a rainbow.

The Backhouse restaurant at Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Best meal we ate on the whole trip.

Wishing I could go back to enjoy this meal again!

Looking fabulous on the Hornblower.  We got drenched.

Taking the ferry over to Toronto Islands.  Beautiful view.

We stayed really near this cool sign.  It looked so neat lit up at night.

Snack at Alo Bar.  Best pork belly ever.  Also, my husband is awfully good at taking food pictures!

Wandering around the distillery district.

We bought the kids fun candy from Chinatown.

The streetcar system was really neat in Toronto, and looked cool too!

View from our room in Toronto.

Couldn't resist this photo opportunity.

It was so great to get away to celebrate and explore a new place together.  Now I have to figure out where we will be going for our 15 year anniversary  :)