Saturday, October 3, 2015

Quick Trip to Kansas and Evansville

 Ike and I had a great weekend traveling around and seeing lots of family!  We spent a significant amount of time in the car, but Ike was a trouper.  Jake and Bre's wedding was gorgeous and we had so much fun visiting with people we don't get to see very often :)

Tony and Ike at the wedding.

Borrowed my mom's boots for the occasion!

Dad with Uncle Steve (father of the bride!) and Uncle Tim.

Dad and Kyra at the wedding.

Love the walk down the aisle!

Ike being chased by Uncle Joe.

Grandpa took Ike on all of his vehicles!  So many to choose from  :)

Such a great weekend, but we were sure wore out!  Glad to be home and gearing up to celebrate Ike's birthday tomorrow.

Monday, September 21, 2015

Visitors and Museum Fun

 Another quick update before Ike and I head out on an adventure :)  We are heading to Kansas with my dad, Kyra, and Tony to see my cousin Bre get married!  Yikes I feel old!  Anyway, here is what has been going on with us lately.

Saturday we got to hang out with the Slaughters.  Ike was beside himself with excitement!  I will admit I was a little excited too :)  It was so nice to see them and we had lots of fun chatting and playing. At one point we had 8 staff boys in our house!  I will just say that it was loud.  Very loud.

Lewis, Ike, Dave, and Sam all jammied up and ready for bed.

Our neighbor has had a friend in from England for the past several weeks and Ike has grown very attached to him.  In fact, he went over there today to ask if Ian could come over to play, haha!  Ike is not going to be happy when he heads home this week!

Ike and his new pal.

Saturday (before the Slaughters came over) I took the boys plus Kyson to the museum in town.  They were having a free fun day and it was a ton of fun.

Looking fierce in their uniforms.

Ike hit up the train table as usual.

You know we had to eat some free cake.

I did a better job taking pictures of Ike the last few weeks.  He is getting so big and mature (well for an almost three-year-old).  Can't believe his birthday is less than 2 weeks away!  Ugh.  And in case anybody missed it, he has learned to ride a bike without training wheels!  Where did my baby go?

Please get the 4-wheeler out!?

Loves playing with this shape game.

So tired Sunday after not getting enough sleep Saturday night.  Stayed up late with his buddies.

Mowing with his "glubs".  Those are my Christmas socks in case you were wondering.

Double-decker piggy back ride.

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

September So Far

Whew I am behind!  I think I am having some trouble adjusting to only having one child around during the day to pester for pictures. :)  Ike and I have also been tackling some home improvement projects so that has also kept us busy!  Dave is doing great in school...still struggling with eating a reasonable lunch but we are working on it!

Our big project has been painting our back deck.  Josh power washed it for me and then Ike and I got down to business.

Bennett stopped by so I could put him to work!

Notice Ike's all brown outfit for painting.

The after picture.  I also painted the back door (as well as the front door!).  Looks so much better.

Last week Josh and Ike helped a group on campus who was picking up sticks after they knocked trees down.

Last Sunday we met Josh's parents for picnic near their "broken house" (the house they are fixing up in Wabash).  Near the picnic area there is a cool waterfall with a stream to play in.

Dave exploring in the stream.

Josh took the boys to visit Grandma Bertie in Logansport.  Cuteness!

Finally, today we had Dave's bestie Alec over after school for a bit.  I filled up lots and lots of water balloons so they could have a war.

The before picture.

Ike always does this...he cannot resist biting the balloons to see what happens.

They had some pretty good chase scenes :)

We had a pretty busy Labor Day weekend also, but I missed out on taking pictures!  We enjoyed two delicious cookouts-one with staff on campus and one with a cottage.  I love having nights off of cooking!!  I think we are all looking forward to some cooler weather in the upcoming week-maybe it's just me but I am tired of these 90 degree days.  

Monday, August 24, 2015

Dave's First Day of School and Other Happenings

I can't believe we are already at Dave's 3rd week of school!  He did super great the first day, then struggled with going for the first full week.  He told me, "school is fine, it's just a lot longer than I expected!".  Kind of what we figured would happen :)  He was also not fond of lunchtime so I am just now getting him to eat actual food for his lunch! (You know, besides just a granola bar and some slices of cheese!)  Anyway, he is loving it now and really likes his teacher and has even made some new friends, yay!

Ready for his first day.  We were running late (of course) so this picture was a tad crooked because I was rushing!

Hurry up mom!!

Picture from school.  I have a friend on the inside :)

My mom came to visit for the weekend two weekends ago so we could go out and celebrate our anniversary (well really just so she could see the boys!).

One their date with Gamma.  They ate at Applebee's and saw Shaun the Sheep.

Ike enjoying some time to himself while Dave has been at school.

It has been really fun to hang out with Ike by himself these past few weeks.  We have been doing things that Dave isn't really into anymore, like playing toys and puzzles at the library and taking daily walks to chat with the maintenance and lawn crew guys on campus.  Ike is obsessed with those guys!

Dave earned a prize for having a good first week-a Labbit blind box.

A tree was cut down by our house and it has provided hours of entertainment for Ike and his buddy Bennett.  It was really cool to see them cutting it down!  Ike even got to help measure how tall it was after they cut it down-100 feet!

Notice he has his gloves and his play chainsaw-all set for work!

Bennett was working hard with the hatchet!

So that's what we've been up to the past few weeks.  Lots of changes for our household but I think we have all adjusted to Dave's new schedule now.  He is already looking forward to Labor Day and an extra day off  :)

Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Last Days of Summer

I can't believe it, but summer is winding down already.  Dave starts kindergarten in 3 days!!!  The reality is setting in.  We have certainly packed quite a bit into this summer, and here is what we did that last week or so.

On Sunday we went to Logansport to see Josh's aunt Amy who came to visit from California and to a church cookout with Grandma Mary and Grandpa Dave.

Ike and I hanging out at the cookout.  Here is a video of Dave doing a zipline!

The kids photobombed this picture with the Bowyer ladies.  This is Josh's great-aunt Jo, Aunt Gayle, Grandma Bertie, and Aunt Amy.

Last week we all went up to Wheatfield to check out the new White's North West facility.  Josh has been going up there overnight every Tuesday, so it was cool to get a picture of the place.  Also, my friend Katie and her family have moved up there and we were really excited to see all of them!

Sprinkler time.

We went to the county fair for dinner.  It was huge!  The kids loved the animals as usual, and the grownups got to chow down on delicious fair food.


Dave found a Puerto Rican food truck, so he had to get some potato balls.  They were really good!

Wednesday morning Katie and I took the kids to a splash area in Valpo.  They of course had a blast.

Sam running around.

Ike got a little too close to this sprayer.

All of the boys running around.

Now we are just counting down the days until Dave goes to school.  We have had dentist and doctor appointments and all of our school supplies are loaded up into his backpack.  It is so crazy to me that we will have a kindergartner!  They grow up way too fast.  Not sure yet what Ike and I are going to do all day without big brother around :)  I am sure he will think of something!

Tony and Ben's Wedding

First of all, congratulations to Tony and Ben!  Last weekend we had our final car trip of the summer (thankfully!) as we went down to Evansville to celebrate my brother Tony and Ben's wedding.  They were married on Friday morning, so we weren't there for the actual wedding, but they held a reception at their house on Saturday.

Great picture of the grooms!

We had some good eats...this was the cupcake and candy area.  Delicious.

Dave went around taking pictures of people.  He doesn't do too bad of a job!

Dad and I setting up.

It was super hot out, so Ben went out and got a mister.  Huge hit with the kids!

Ike took control of it pretty quick.

My stepbrothers Justin and Tim.

My cousin Sabrina playing with Ike.

Aunt Kathy making some mud pies with Ike's help :)

Dad's brothers who could come out for the reception with Tony and Ben.

Gamma and Dave.

Liam doing a little yardwork during the reception.

Ike and Liam chilling poolside at my Dad and Kyra's house.

It was awesome to see lots of people we don't get to see very often and to celebrate with Tony and Ben.  Wishing them lots of love and laughter in the years to come!