Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Ike is 18 Months (Where did my baby go?)

Ugh, it's happening again.  How can Ike possibly be a year and half?  His second birthday is going to be rough.  And then when you add in my 30th birthday in May...sheesh I am getting old!  :)  Anyway, Ike's awesome and just so darn cute and we are loving every minute of him being a toddler.  He gets really excited about everything so you can't help but be excited along with him.

Since I was gone in Kansas for his actual "birthday", my mom took some pictures for me (can you believe I remembered to bring the sign with us to Evansville? That's why I always make a list!).  She said he was not being very cooperative, which is how he ended up in the cozy coupe.

Feeling pretty pleased he got to be in the car.  He can be quite manipulative :)

He looks like a wild man behind the wheel.

 I don't feel like he's changed a ton since the last update.  Still getting into everything, although he can get into more lately.  Have I mentioned how much he likes to open the fridge and dump random food items out on the floor? 

I am sure he has started saying some new words, but it all just runs together at this point.  Whenever he is learning to say a new word, he always enunciates it a lot.  I love how he says milk right now, he really emphasizes that "k".  He is trying to communicate more and more, but still insists on signing please and thank you despite being able to say both.  Not sure he'll ever vocalize those!

We are starting to get some resistance to naps and going to bed at night.  As I am writing this he is banging on the wall in his bedroom.  Meanwhile Dave is fast asleep (for now at least!).  I am fairly certain the boys are scheming against me so that I get very little sleep so that I am exhausted and then allow them to get away with more.  And it's working.

He has started asking for everything to be turned on-even things that don't have batteries (like a snow globe he found in Dave's room).  He gets pretty mad at me when I tell them that something won't turn on like he expects it will. Ike has also started to pee in the toilet before bath.  Here's hoping he continues being excited about that and potty trains sooner rather than later!

Just looking cute while playing in the living room.

I taught him how to fake cry the other day.  He is surprisingly good at it.  I am wondering now why I would ever teach him this.

I went looking for him the other day and found him in Dave's room wearing his winter hat.  Weird kid. 

Well, that about wraps up Ike for now.  He is just a super fun kid who constantly surprises me (and keeps me on my toes!).  Can't wait to see how his personality changes in the future.

Monday, April 7, 2014

Celebrating Grandma Colleen

Last Sunday my family lost a wonderful woman.  Grandma Colleen was truly amazing, and she will be missed by so many people.  Even knowing that she was suffering and not herself (she had Alzheimer's), it is still difficult to know that she will not be around us again on earth. 

I was so fortunate that Josh offered to keep the kids with him in Evansville while Tony and I traveled out to Kansas to be with my family and celebrate grandma.  We all had a great time reminiscing and telling stories.  My cousin reminded me that you could never say "yeah" around grandma without her making you say "yes" 10 times.  She sure was a stickler for proper language!  I even remember her telling me she called into news shows when the anchors misspoke on air. 

On the other hand, we all remember the time grandma did jello shots, and even have photograph evidence  :)  She also made the coolest pancake animals for breakfast.  I am still trying to figure out how she made the bunnies!  And I always loved that she made an effort to come to our stuff (basketball games, concerts, etc.) when we were growing up, even though she lived about 8 hours away from us.

I took pictures of some of my favorite grandma photos, and thought I would post those.  I will  remember her as the grandma who bowled and loved buses (she was a school bus driver and trainer for most of her career).  So the first picture is how I always think of her.

One of the years she made it to the state championships.

Grandma on her wedding day.  Such a classic beauty, and that dress is amazing!

Grandma, me, my dad, and uncle Steve out on the old farm.

Dad, Tony, grandma, and her mom Grandma True.

Grandma with the boys from last October.

All of grandma's boys (my uncles) after the funeral service.

I am so thankful that the boys and I made the trip to see her last October.  We had such a great visit and I am glad that Ike got to meet her.  Tony and I made it out in time for the viewing and then the service and it was really nice to see everybody and hear firsthand how grandma affected so many different people.  She will definitely be greatly missed by all of those who loved her. 

Monday, March 31, 2014

Trip to Indy

On Friday, Josh and I took the boys down to Indy to hang out with Britt and the kids at the Children's Museum.  We got an early start to the day and arrived right as it was opening.  Of course, it was already crazy crowded (duh, spring break...should've thought that through) but we were able to enjoy a couple of hours with the kiddos.

Dave was pumped to see Bumblebee as soon as we walked in.

Ike loved the carousel.  

Caleb claimed the lion as soon as we got in line.  

Zac along for the ride with Soph.

The kids all loved this exhibit in the science section.  It was like a giant version of the game mouse trap.

After this point, the museum got really crowded so I put my camera away to help herd the kids to one exhibit or another.  The new playscape is really nice, but it was really hard to keep an eye on all the kids.  Fun for kids, stressful for parents!

We grabbed some fast food then headed back to the Smith house to eat and play before we had to go back home.

Dave and Zac playing around.

Tried to get a picture of the cousins. You'll notice Ike's missing.

Found Ike sneaking a drink of ginger ale under the table.  

Josh got stuck wrestling with the big kids.

When we got home, we took the kids over to Barry and Divana's so we could go out to eat and enjoy a night without the boys!  First sleepover for Ike and he did great at grandma and grandpa's.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014


Crazy Indiana weather strikes again.  I am really starting to feel like a broken record, but I am seriously over winter!  We have had a few nice days in the past couple of weeks, but nothing like normal.  It even snowed yesterday, what is up with that?!  Most afternoons we just get out and bundle up so the boys can get a little fresh air.  Of course, Dave complains most of the time and Ike screams when it is finally time to go inside.  

Anyway, rant over.  It has been nice to get outside recently and the kids have enjoyed rediscovering all of their outside stuff that was forgotten over the long winter!  Ike especially loves exploring now that he is older and notices more things in nature.

Cruising the yard.

This is from a couple weeks ago.  Thankfully it is all melted now!

The yard may be a little bit muddy  :)

Dave playing his video game on a day that was just too cold to go outside. 

Ike entertaining himself with glasses and playdoh.

Dave has gotten creative playing with blocks and all of his superheroes.  Here's a video.

Ike "fell" into the giant puddle in our front yard.  Loved every minute of it!

Just the little bit we have been outside lately has gotten us all excited for the (hopefully) nice weather to come.  The weekend's not looking great weather-wise, but we are looking forward to heading down to Indy on Friday to see Brittany (Josh's sister) and the kids and go to the Children's Museum.  Dave is obsessed with museums and we haven't been to this one in a long time.  Should be a good time. 

Wednesday, March 19, 2014


Last weekend my dad and Kyra came up to visit us, along with my stepbrother Rob, his wife Molly, and Liam.  It was definitely a full house!  Ike was of course obsessed with Papa, and Dave got plenty of Ipad playing in  :)  Dave was also excited that Rob came up because they share a love of Transformers. 

 Grandparents with their boys.

Just lounging on the couch.

Grandma and Liam.

Dave and Papa playing in the front room.

We didn't do much since they only stayed one night.  Ike was constantly yelling at my dad to take him outside (he says "beee-o" when he wants to go out...we think he's saying bird).  We ate and just hung out for the most part.

In other news, we got Dave a shirt to wear with his new bow tie, so I took some pictures of the boys.  It involved lots of bribing as usual.

Seriously, every boy should be wearing bow ties.  Adorable.

A perfect representation of their relationship right now. 

Dave does something to make Ike mad, then smirks like he has no idea what could have happened.  Classic.

Looking casual.

And finally, Bennett came over the other day and we had an impromptu dance party/jam session.  Here's a video of Ike and Bennett dancing.  

Ike was getting down with his bad self.  I don't think Bennett was impressed.

Bennett really enjoys playing that guitar!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

17 Months of Ike

Every month I cannot get over how fast the time has gone with Ike.  I know it went quick with Dave, but it just seems to go even quicker with Ike.  I am sure it's the second kid and all that, but I really want him to slow down already!  He is saying all kinds of words and figuring out way too much stuff (yesterday he pulled a stool over to open the top drawer...turns out he was after some gum!). 

Our big guy has such an awesome personality, at least the times when he's not throwing an all out tantrum.  I was kinda hoping he'd be over the whole screaming to get his way phase by now.  Oh well, he is awfully cute most of the time  :)

Getting the month picture in, he didn't like the sign being next to him so he had to hold it.

Doing a modeling session in his new bow tie from Claudia.  Seriously cute.

And there's his usual self...crazy kid.

I am basically out of activities to keep Ike entertained indoors, so lately I have been letting him play in the sink and "wash" dishes.  He makes an unbelievable mess (we're talking at least 2 bath towels to soak up the floor), but it keeps him busy for a loooong time.

Look at that grin!

Dave has gotten pretty good at keeping Ike happy as well.  He loves to set up all the little people figures we have and let Ike knock them over.  So, when Dave's at preschool I get to fill in as the set-up guy.

Ready for the next round.  Here's a video of him knocking the people over.

He is super interested in all animals right now, and especially loves hanging out with the turtles.

I do make sure to keep an eye on him because he likes to poke at them and then try to pry their shells apart.  I am sure the turtles are in need of some therapy after Ike's tormenting.

As far as milestones go, I already mentioned his expanding vocabulary.  He will basically repeat any word that you say to him, or at least try.  His very favorite word right now is baby and he has a doll that he drags all over the place and must sleep with him at night.  His favorite food is definitely hummus.  A couple of days ago he went to the fridge and opened the door and started yelling, "hummy, hummy!".  Took me forever to figure out what he meant but he was extremely excited when I got it out for him to eat. 

He has started learning his colors, but really only just repeats them for now.  Dave is really good about working with him on stuff like that, especially whatever he just learned in preschool.  He is obsessed with being outside (this is probably true for all kids at this point!) and cries whenever we go inside.  And I almost forgot...he loves to play in vehicles.  He could spend hours playing in our van.  Just gotta watch and make sure he's not putting change in the CD player or leaving the hazard lights on and draining the battery.  :)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Quick Trip to Evansville

This weekend we came down to Evansville to get a car for Josh's work.  As an added bonus, we got to hang out with the family!  It went super fast, but we had a lot of fun :)

On Saturday we went over to grandpa's to meet his friend Jane and have some pizza.  Josh and I got to try out a new restaurant before we went over (it was fantastic, go visit if you're ever in Henderson, KY)

Grandpa and Ikey.

Dave with Uncle Tony.

Ike was so excited to play outside!

We went over to dad and Kyra's to drop the kids off, then we went with Tony to the casino.  We played some penny slots and managed not to lose any money while we were people watching.  Then we came back to visit for a while before going to mom's for the night.

Ike conned Tony into feeding him a chocolate strawberry.

 Sunday we went to church with dad and Kyra then spent some time with them before the IU game (big win by the way!).  

Josh and Dad using the meat slicer.  They were super pumped!

Even though it got really cold, Ike insisted on going outside.

Loved knocking down icicles with papa Charlie!

It was forecasted to start snowing/sleeting so we went back to mom's and stayed in and watched the Oscars.  We got up Monday to some nasty roads, but made it back home by the afternoon.

Ike and Gamma reading before bed.

Well that's our quick trip recap.  Good times all around, hoping to make it a longer trip next time!