Friday, July 3, 2015

Tennessee with the Bowyers and Smiths

Be prepared for picture overload!  After we left Virginia, the kids and I drove over to meet all of Josh's immediate family in Townsend, TN.  It was so nice to see everybody (Britt and her family moved down to Florida, so we don't see them very often!) and the kids had the most fun hanging out with the cousins.

Everybody arrived later in the evening on Thursday, so we just chatted with everybody and got the kids into bed. Friday morning we went to drive the Cades Cove Loop.

We have this same picture of us when I was pregnant with Ike!

Britt and Chad.

Zac and Ike-they set this pose up all by themselves!

Uncle Chad arranged an impromptu foot race.

Grandma and Brookie.

Family pic!  

We saw a bear!!  Josh did a little paparazzi action to get this shot. :)

After the loop (which took forever!!), we came back and took the kiddos swimming.  Chad and Josh did a little launching of the kids.

Dave mid-air.

Oh, cuteness.

Josh chilling with Brooklyn.

The real family picture.

Saturday turned out to be quite rainy, so we went over to Pigeon Forge to do some old time photos!

The one of our family.  Absolutely love Dave's smirk!

Once we finished with Pigeon Forge, we came back to have dinner, and then went to this cute ice cream stand.

Everybody enjoying their ice cream.

Such a nice (but super short) visit with the family.  Looking forward to the Smiths' visit to Indiana in October!  Now we are gearing up for our trip out to Colorado-leaving tomorrow morning bright and early and making a stop to stay with my Uncle Joe and Aunt Claudia in Kansas on our way out!

Monday, June 29, 2015

Smith Mountain Lake

Well we just got back from Vacation 1.0 and have a week off before heading out on our super adventure to Colorado.  First stop on last week's trip was Smith Mountain Lake.  This place was just gorgeous!  The boys and I went with my mom and stepdad and my stepbrothers Tim and Justin.  My mom found an awesome house right on the lake (well, 85 grueling steps down to the lake :) ) and we posted up for most of the week.

The boys with a view from the deck up to the house.

Enjoying a paddle boat ride with Gamma.

Dave's first catch!

Ike was a little unsure of the fish situation.

Dave flying off of the swing!  Here's a video of him in action.

Ike loved jumping from the dock.  He made us all yell, "1,2,3, pee cannonball!" every time he jumped.  He is so weird.

Justin, Ike, Dave, and Tim posing in front of the house.

On Tuesday we went to check out Appomattox Court House, which was about an hour away from us.  We all learned lots of cool info and the boys seemed to sort of enjoy themselves!

This was the room where the Civil War was officially ended.

Dave and Ike in jail.

View from the dock-so peaceful!!

Hanging out on the upper level of the dock.

We had such a fun, relaxing time with everybody and really enjoyed the lake.  We left on Thursday morning to head over to Townsend for part two of our vacation!

Friday, June 19, 2015


Ugh it just keeps raining!!!  Our front yard is a swampy mess (we are super thankful that we haven't had any flooding though) and it is starting to really stink around here.  The kids have certainly been having fun in all of the puddles that the rain has left behind!

This is a bigger one down the hill from our house.

Looked more like a pond than a field all week.

Everything is really green around here lately.

Our very own personal pool  :)

We have pretty much been playing outside rain or shine the last week.  The kids aren't too bothered by the rain, and since it hasn't been lightning very often they are out in it most of the time!

Eating some yogurt while watching it rain.  Good times.

Helping the grounds crew lay mulch.

We are all packed up and ready to head to Virginia with my mom tomorrow morning.  Hoping for some sunshine!!

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Evansville and Holiday World

Last weekend we went down to Evansville to see everybody and go to Holiday World.  We got there on Wednesday and Josh and I stayed downtown for a night to relax without the kiddos-which was fantastic (thanks to my mom for watching the boys!!) !  Then on Thursday we went over to Owensboro for a bit to play before my dad and his friend Tim worked on our car (a huge thank you to them!!).  Friday we helped out at Tony and Ben's to prepare for their reception in July.  I was seriously sore for days after digging so much!  Finally, we got to Saturday and Holiday World.

We had so much fun.  It was crazy crowded, being a Saturday and all, but the kids were able to ride a bunch of rides that they loved, and Tony, Josh, and I managed to hit up the new roller coaster right away.  Of course, we did have to run most of the way back to it so we could get on first thing, but it was totally worth it  :)

Dave and I riding the roller coaster in the kid section.

Dad and Kyra with the grandkids and Santa!

Ike and Liam looking really pleased  :)

Tony, Dad, and I riding the Raven.

Look at those faces!

Having some ice cream with Uncle Ben.

Josh's photo montage.

Ike playing at the awesome playground in Owensboro.

From our date night-walking along the riverfront after dinner.

Great time as usual in Evansville.  Ike took multiple lawn mower rides from my dad and grandpa, Dave showed off his swimming skills, and we all got some relaxation in.  Now we are gearing up for a trip to Virginia with my mom (just me and the kids), then a weekend in Tennessee with Josh's parents.  Busy busy summer!

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Neighborhood Fun

This is just a quick post to show off some cute pictures of the boys hanging out with friends.  They are just so adorable all together having fun!

Bennett, Lewis, Ike, and Sam all trying to ride the truck.  


I just love Sam's expression here.  Doesn't he look thrilled?  :)

Racing their scooters.

With Kyson on a golf cart ride.   I have to say, there are some awfully cute kiddos (and husbands :) ) on campus!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

Hiking in Salamonie

Josh and the boys gifted me with an Indiana state parks pass for Mother's Day, so we began our exploration of some local parks/reservoirs last weekend!  I am trying to brainwash the kids into thinking that they like to hike so that we can do lots of exploring during our trip to Colorado this summer. :)  So far, it is working perfectly!  They had a blast on the mile loop we did and keep asking when we can go again.

Dave and I out on the trail.

Ike walked all but about 10 minutes.  I was impressed!

Ready to start the trail.

Trudging along!

We had never been out to Salamonie before (which is ridiculous because we live about 10 minutes away!) and we really liked it a lot.  I am excited for summer days when we get hit the beach!!  And we have several more trails to check out that are good for the kiddos.  Hoping to do a lot more of this type of post throughout the summer/fall this year!

In other exciting news-Dave learned to ride his bike without training wheels!!!  Here's a video of course.

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Dave's Preschool Graduation

Where is the time going??  Can't believe Dave is going to start kindergarten this year!  He had his preschool graduation last Wednesday and it could not have been more adorable.  All the kids did a great job with their songs and they each were able to say what they wanted to be when they grow up.

Dave with his best friend Alec before the ceremony.

Last day picture!

Ike was pumped for some singing.

So cute.

Dave with his teacher Miss Stephanie.

Here is a video of Dave announcing his future profession.

I cannot say enough how great preschool was for Dave.  He has grown so much since he started two years ago and I am so glad we decided to send him!  Now we have a summer full of fun before he goes off to kindergarten.  Kindergarten!  Seriously, how is that possible?