Monday, February 1, 2016

January Recap

We have had a busy start to the year already!  Dave is back to school and loving it, we bought a new (to us) van, and I finally joined the 21st century and got a smart phone!  In sad news, one of our turtles (from when my brother and I were little) died last week.  Shelly lived a nice long life (at least 20 years!), but I almost expected them to outlive me.  Here's Ike with Yertle.

And a video of him saying "purple turtle".  Love how he says it!

Ike and I have been working a little on letters and numbers.  He basically has no interest in either.  Definitely different from his brother!!  I thought I better get him started since he starts preschool next year-where has the time gone??  He has become super temperamental at times but is still our little joke-ster and thinks all gross bodily functions are absolutely hilarious.  Oh-and he learned to snap.  Here's a video!  He is super proud of his new talent  :)

He wanted me to take a picture of his mean face.

Dave has been getting along great in school.  I hear very little about what actually goes on from him though!  He can read most kids books now with a little help sounding out the hard words, which is just crazy to me.  Love hearing him work through words and how excited he gets when he figures a difficult one out.  We spend a lot of time at the pool because I lifeguard on campus, and Dave wanted me to take some cool action shots of him with my new phone the other day.

Popping out of the water.

Not sure what this move is!

The boys fight constantly and drive each other crazy (and me too most days!).  But then they do something super sweet for the other and I forget about all the noise they created just minutes before.  They do agree on a couple things-their love of the movie Jumanji (random right?) and the Goosebumps TV show.  We are all super excited about our upcoming trip to Florida-leaving in less than a month now!  Even though our winter hasn't been too bad, we are looking forward to some of that Florida sunshine.

One last pic-selfie with Ike.

All the photos in this post are courtesy of my new phone!  I think I kinda like it  :)

Thursday, January 28, 2016

Christmas 2015 (finally!)

About time I posted about Christmas!  We have been super busy lately, and I am still struggling with the schedule that Ike and I keep while Dave is at school!  Excuses, excuses right?  Anyway, here's our Christmas.  :)

Christmas Eve jammies thanks to Grandma Mary and Grandpa Dave.

On Christmas Eve we got together with Josh's parents and sister to play games and hang out.  The kids got a couple of new games we all played then the adults played some Elbows Up after the boys went to bed.  The boys actually slept in some Christmas morning and didn't get us up until almost 7:30-this is shocking to anyone who knows the hours they usually keep!  After we opened presents, we went over to Barry and Divana's for brunch and more presents of course!

From before our company Christmas party.  Had to get a picture with them in their fancy clothes.

Look at those smiling faces for a selfie with mom!  So cooperative.

The Saturday after Christmas we went to visit with Grandma Bertie and the Bowyer clan.  Lots of fun and good food like always!

The peeking in Grandma Bertie's kitchen window.

Dave's favorite toy(s) included all the lego sets he hauled in!  Ike's favorite toy was his costume stuff he received-cowboy boots, tools, tool belt, etc.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas in Evansville

We had an awesome time with my family in Evansville a couple weekends ago.  We went down before Christmas to celebrate with everyone, so the kids got to have lots of present opening  :)

Tony and Dave playing war.  Dave is super into card games right now.

Dave wearing grandpa Dave's Santa hat.

Tony and Ben before we began Beanboozled.

If you haven't played beanboozled yet, you definitely should!  Dave and Ike watch countless videos of people playing it on youtube, so we bought it to try with my mom and brother.  It is basically a game wear you pick a color of jelly bean and don't know if the one you picked is the good or bad flavor.  For instance, brown is either dog food or chocolate pudding.  It's really a pretty terrible game but the kids love it.

I think Dave got a bad flavor  :)

The boys not cooperating with a picture...surprise surprise.

We went out to a yummy Japanese restaurant called Kanpai while we were in town.  Ike was digging the miso soup.

The kids and Liam with Santa.  Not a great job with the smiling.

Dad and Kyra kept the boys for a sleepover with Liam one night, so Josh and I went out with my mom and Tony and Ben!  Super fun and so nice to have an actual conversation!

Group pic at the Dapper Pig.  Yum!

Gamma and Ike making mini pizzas.

Ike opening presents with Papa Charlie and Grandma Kyra.  Notice the paparazzi in the background!

So thankful for all of our family and especially their love for our kiddos!  We are so blessed to have such wonderful people for our kids to grow up with!!  Christmas part 2 coming up in a bit!

Thursday, December 24, 2015

Hunting Our First Christmas Tree!

The Saturday of Thanksgiving weekend, we went off in search of the perfect Christmas tree!  I have been wanting to do this for a long time, but have been waiting to get a real tree until I thought Ike wouldn't attack it  :)  We found this monstrosity at Jalapa Pines, which is only about 10 minutes from our house.  Josh chopped it down and we stuck it in our van (it was raining...great weather for tree hunting!).  Once we got home, he had to cut off quite a bit of it to fit it in the house, but it ended up being the perfect size!

Josh and Dave before the cutting.

I had lots of help decorating!  The boys' friend Kyson even joined in on the fun :)

Love their crazy expressions all the time.

So that's our tree!  Still smells awesome and hasn't lost any needles (except for those the kids have pulled off of course).  Excited to continue this tradition in the years to come!

Monday, December 7, 2015

Dave's 6th Birthday!

Our little boy is growing up so fast!  He is such a cool kid and is so much fun to hang out with (most of the time at least!).  This year for his birthday, he asked for a Mario themed cake since he is obsessed with everything related to Nintendo.

Dave with his cake-a pixelated Mario made from M&Ms.

His other interests lately include:  reading books (he has gotten really good at this lately!), playing video games of course, playing outside with his buddies on campus, watching videos on Youtube, and playing with his Legos.   He already acts like a preteen half of the time-just with his attitude and occasional glares at us.  Hoping he gets all that out of his system before he is an actual teenager!!  So far, he has really loved school and has done extremely well this year.  He does wish for "fog delays" pretty much every day and is very much looking forward to those coveted snow days!

His school picture from this year.  Such a natural smile, haha!

Dave and his buds at his party (plus Ike).  I re-purposed the backdrop I made for trunk-or-treat this year :)

Instead of playing video games, they all wanted to play with this art set!

Opening up presents.

I think they were doing the Mario arm pose?

Since his birthday fell on Thanksgiving this year, we celebrated early.  On Thanksgiving, we hung out in Logansport with the Bowyers and the kids had a blast with their cousins and it was really nice to chat with all the aunts and uncles.

Such cuties!

Did I mention they can also be little stinkers?

Saturday, November 21, 2015

Museum, First Snow, and Weekend Getaway

Finally catching up on the blog...just in time for Dave's birthday and the holidays!  Can't believe he is going to be 6, ugh.  Anyway, our last two weekends were jam-packed but super fun.  Starting with this weekend, when we went to our local museum for a fun day and experienced our first snow of the year!

Ike dressed up like a cowboy.

The big boys hanging out in the tree.

After the museum, we went to Pizza Hut to redeem Dave's book-it pizza.  Love that this program is still going on!

Before we left in the morning-first flakes beginning to fall.  All the kids were trying to catch them.

About 3 hours later.  And it's still coming down!

Ike helping shovel the driveway  :)

So last weekend, Josh and I went away with our friends Katie and Conrad to stay at Josh's uncle's cabin in Wisconsin.  We had super great weather and ate our way through Lake Geneva!  While we were away, my mom came to stay with the kids and they did lots of stuff, but the most fun they had was seeing my stepbrothers perform at their band competition in Indy.

Justin, Dave, Ike, and Tim.

With my mom outside of Lucas Oil.

They even got to put on the cool hats!

From a hike we took in Wisconsin.  Beautiful scenery and I love aspens.

Proof of our hike.  It was super confusing trying to find this!

Just Ike being cute while I was putting up the Christmas lights last week.

Friday, November 20, 2015

Halloween 2015...Who is Nabbit?

We had so much fun with Halloween this year!  If you can't tell, we went as Mario characters.  Dave, of course, picked one of the more obscure characters (nabbit) and pretty much no one knew who he was!

Dave loooooved his costume!

Wario hanging with nabbit and Luigi.

I received lots of compliments from little girls about my costume...I won't lie, it was super fun to dress like a princess :)

Good news, the shark didn't eat Luigi.

Ike cheesing out before our campus trunk-or-treat.  Here's a video of him talking about Halloween.

Ike with Elli-loved her mermaid costume.

The white's staff kids crew.  We have quite a big group nowadays.