Monday, April 9, 2018

March Madness

March wasn't actually mad, I just wanted a title to the blog that wasn't activities or recap. :)  As I was uploading these pictures I realized that about 50% of them revolve around eating, which sounds about right given how much I love to eat! We had a fun-filled month, and since I'm trying to get back on track with posting after a long time of being behind, I'm posting all of this in one big post!

My mom came up for a visit at the very beginning of the month. She timed it perfectly to come to First Friday that happens downtown.

Getting some dinner before walking around.

Ike finally got to ride the trolley!

Mom took the kids to Chuck E. Cheese on Saturday so Josh and I went to Fort Wayne for lunch. We ate at Nawa, a new Japanese restaurant-yum!

Pineapple fried rice. So tasty.

The boys and Alec at the Wrinkle in Time party at the library.

Ike and I went to the opening day of B&K. Cheesy coney dogs and root beer.

The kids spent the night at Josh's parents so we stayed in and ate this fantastic dinner (and watched Wheel of Fortune and Jeopardy obviously).

Ike and Dave at Culver's. We were supporting the new playground going in.

Dave's art project on display at his spring concert.

Very blurry picture but the kids were down playing in the creek with Gabe and Kyson.

Ike helping put our new coffee table together.

Free cone day at DQ. Great smile Dave! :)

Ike and Kyson looked so cute in the trunks. The kids are back to loving the pool since we got back from Florida.

The high school Dave will attend (Southwood) made it to the state championship this year. We bought tickets but the weather forecast was grim and we decided to stay home. Theresa came over to support the Knights and we watched the game on tv!

Ready in our SHS attire. Unfortunately they lost but what a great season!

Dave with his poster.

Dave and Ike enjoying a bath bomb and looking weird.

That sums up March! We are desperately looking forward to and hoping for warmer weather in April! I am so sick of winter and it snowed yet again today. I feel like it just shouldn't be allowed to snow after spring break!

End of February

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Florida 2018-Lake Village

After Legoland, we headed to Lake Village to visit Grandma Mary and Grandpa Dave. The boys get so excited every time we pull into the park-this is Dave's 9th year and Ike's 6th (7th if you count when I was pregnant which he does, ha!). We are so blessed to have such a great place to visit every year and get to spend time with family. 

Lunch at the beach!

We have a very strict routine when ride in the morning, breakfast, pool, lunch, beach. Maybe some catch or a walk after the beach. Works out perfect for us and the kids are extremely tired after long days in the sun!

Riding bikes to try to spot the gator in the pond nearby.

I never take good pictures at the pool. Blurry and my leg is in it :) They played A LOT of catch with Josh this year.

Dave cooking up his "meatzaballs" as he calls it. He did a lot of cooking show pretending at the beach.

Ike's poor nose kept burning so Josh got him this adorable hat. He looks so cute in it!

Buried by dad. Dave got out immediately but Ike stayed for quite a while.

The boys and I took a beach walk every day.

The water was not warm at all but Ike insisted on swimming most of the way back from our walks.

Ike needed a rest.

Cruising around in the convertible!

Playing checkers at the grove.

Grandma Mary let the boys eat ice cream in the living room!

If you look super close you can see the gator behind Dave's left shoulder. You might need a magnifying glass!

Working together on a sandcastle I think. This lasted about 3 minutes before one of them knocked something over.

Ice cream at the grove.

We let dad get in on a selfie.

Well that rounds out my posts on Florida! We had such a great trip, it's always hard to come back...especially with the weather here being so junky ever since! A huge thank you to the Smith family and Grandma Mary and Grandpa Dave for hosting us again. Our trip to Florida would definitely not happen without their generosity every year!

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Florida 2018-Legoland!

Josh's parents gave us the super awesome Christmas present of Legoland tickets for the family this year! So we took advantage of them and went with the Smith clan before we headed to Nokomis this year.

The kids have been looking forward to this for two months, so we had a lot of anticipation building up to it and Legoland did not disappoint! We went on a Thursday which was a great choice because we got onto almost every ride right away. Not having to wait in line was so amazing, especially with so many littles!

Group shot as we headed in.

Riding the dragon ride. Brookie was not a fan!

Posing with all of the lego figures throughout the park.

And another.

And yet another.  I have a lot more of these but I'll spare everyone :)

This was the perfect year to get to Legoland. The kids were all at the right heights to get on all of the rides (some needed adults but we had enough) and they were able to make it to all the "cool" rides.

Zac was my ride buddy. He and Ike both needed an adult to ride with them, and Josh rode with Ike.

Driving school was interesting. We waited in line (the only one we had to wait in!) for a while and right before we got to our turn I realized you had to be 6 to ride it. Well, Ike's several months away and Zac isn't quite 5 yet. Oops. Being the only adult in line with all of them, I made an executive decision to have them say they were 6. Not my greatest moment, and Caleb had a lot to say to me about lying (way to be honest kid!). They got through when the guy asked and did a great job in their school!

Ready for their instructions.

A couple of them getting ready to drive.

Pit stop for some lunch.

Riding the water ride. The kids got drenched but Brit and I maneuvered around the water as best we could.

Dave was not as fortunate as I was.

Ready for the pirate ski show.

One last roller coaster.

Zac was so much fun to ride with!

The kids with a random bigger kid.

Posing with the Lego Movie cast on our way out.

Last picture of the day. We are sweaty and tired!

Such an awesome day and an experience the kids will have forever! A huge thank you to Barry and Divana for the fantastic present!

Monday, February 26, 2018

Florida 2018-Orlando

Last Tuesday we headed down to Indy and flew to sunny Florida.

Waiting to board.

We weren't seated together initially, so they stuck us in the very back row...without windows. Ike's face says it all.

Further proof of our windowless row.

Ike and I went to get the luggage while Josh and Dave went to retrieve our rental car.

Ike plopped down right by the emergency stop button for the luggage conveyor. That doesn't make a mom nervous or anything.

We ended up with a convertible!

First stop on our trip was to hang out with the Smiths in Orlando.

Zac and Dave.

The other kids had to go to school in the morning, so the boys hung out with Brooklyn.

Josh took the boys to a serpentarium near their house while I chilled poolside.

Pool time with the cousins.

Arriving in style.

Dinner with Brit and Chad for Valentine's Day!

Ready for Legoland!

I'll post about Legoland and our Nokomis visit with Josh's grandparents in a separate post. After we visited the gulf side, we came back for one more night in Orlando before flying back to Indiana.

These kids are too cute.

Josh with all the kids minus Brooklyn who still doesn't like him. :)


These two crack me up. They look so much alike and were even twinning with their shorts.

Finishing up the trip by watching Wonder together.

Such great memories with the kids. We look forward to our Florida trip every year but it gets more fun each time because the kids are so excited to see their cousins!