Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Hanging in Evansville-Zoo and CMOE

We spent a week visiting everybody in Evansville after Dave's last day of school.  We had lots of fun and packed quite a bit into our week!  First up was the children's museum, which we hadn't been to in several years-so a first for Ike.  We had some questionable weather when we first got there, so it was a nice break from the rain!

The next day we went to the zoo with Dad, Kyra, Liam, and Gavin.  The kids loved it and burned off some energy while running around.

They really liked the new playground.

This face is hilarious!

Climbing in the canopy.

Ike and Liam were being super cooperative for our group photo...

Made it til the end before he had to go up on shoulders.

Not a real zoo trip til you get your picture taken as bats.

The sun finally came out!!!

At CMOE in the water section.

Dave learning how to to be a newscaster.

Look at those guns!

Ike's favorite part of course!

More to come from our trip to Evansville-we sure did a lot of traveling the first part of the summer!  Ready to relax for the rest. :)

Thursday, June 9, 2016

Dave's First T-ball Games and Kindergarten Graduation

We have had a lot going on recently!  Dave started t-ball back in April, and he had his first game in May.  Thankfully, he loves it (unlike soccer last year!) and he has really enjoyed playing so far.  It helps that one of his best friends, Alec is on the team with him.  :)

Before his first game-it was freezing!

Batter up!

Getting some pointers.  Here's a video of Dave getting an out.

Dave and Alec looking adorable in their uniforms.

And then we had Dave's graduation from Kindergarten.  Still not sure why they graduate, but it was cute nonetheless!

Dad and Kyra were up visiting so got to come to the ceremony.

Ike creeping in on our picture.

Great smile there Ike.

He strikes again.  Ike just feels a need to be in every picture...I've created a monster.

All the kids were so cute, they got to come to the microphone to say what they wanted to be when they grow up.  Here's a video of Dave!  He wants to be a cop still-hasn't changed for a couple of years now.  Our little fella is now going into 1st grade, how is that possible??

Monday, May 16, 2016

Ike's 3.5 update

My baby keeps getting bigger and older!  I skipped right past his 3.5 birthday, but figured I should do an update anyway.  He's such a fun kid and I wanted to try to capture his personality a little bit at this stage.

Ike's life pretty much revolves around tractors, backhoes, mowers, etc.  I am so very thankful it is spring because I was having a very hard time keeping the fella indoors all winter long!  He is obsessed with the entire grounds crew here on campus and we still make a trip to see them a couple times a week during their break.

He is still very into his cowboy boots and hat.  Really, any costume will do.  Most of the time he has a costume on these days.

Ugh this face.  Here's a video of him talking about his favorite stuff.

Always hopping on whatever machinery is sitting around.  He even knows to use the ear protection.  ;)

Every day when he gets up he talks to me about what his "jobs" are for the day.  Then he truly goes and completes all of them.  They usually consist of mowing, digging in rocks, using his blower, etc.  I would say he spends a couple hours a day doing his work.  Cracks me up.  In the middle of this blog, Ike dropped a favorite toy into the toilet he had just pooped in.  Classic.  That pretty much sums him up!  Lol.

He has some crazy skills already for a little guy.  He can ride his bike (without training wheels), swim without floats on, and snap his fingers.  It's amazing how different each kid is from the other.  Ike has absolutely no interest in school related things like letters and numbers, whereas Dave knew all of his at this age.  But Dave was so much more cautious (and still is) than Ike, so didn't learn to ride a bike until last summer!

His pet worm.  He was not happy that the worm couldn't stay inside.

Cute pic of Ike and Gamma from a couple weekends ago.

Look at these handsome fellas!  Celebrating Elli's 1st birthday.

Back at it on the tractor down at the shop.

A couple more things.  Ike asks every single day to go to Family Video (the "bideo store") so he can buy a gumball.  This is becoming a very expensive habit!  He loves Jake and the Neverland Pirates and is constantly seeking out treasures everywhere.  He has such a great sense of humor, but is all boy and finds it hilarious when he burps or farts.  He can be a stinker, and tries to use tears to get out of trouble.  Hoping he pushes through that phase quickly!  I often have to turn away so he doesn't see me laughing when I should be punishing him.  :)  Ike is such a joy to raise and I love watching him grow!

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Campus Easter Egg Hunt

I just came across these pictures and figured I better post them!  For the past several years we have had an Easter egg hunt for the staff kids on campus.  The kids have a blast, and the grownups enjoy watching them go crazy.  :)  

All lined up and ready to hunt.

Looking casual, but really he was super intense.

Dave with his buddy Kyson.

Ike enjoying his bounty.

Love this tradition, and love our neighborhood!

Friday, April 29, 2016

Spring Break Visit to Evansville

Over Dave's actual spring break, the kids and I went down to Evansville to spend 5 nights with the family.  We overlapped with my stepbrother's visit, so the kids got to see their cousin Liam and meet Gavin!

We had beautiful weather!

Dave being adventurous in the woods behind Gamma's house.

Baby Gavin-what a cutie.

Ike and Liam took numerous mower rides with grandpa Charlie.

The boys with Uncle Tony.

Ike had to ride all of grandpa Dave's toys too.

Helping grandpa with the grilling.

Dave practiced his shot with a CO2 gun.

We took the kids over to a great park in Newburgh.

Love Ike and Grandpa's relationship!  They are two peas in a pod.

Monday, April 11, 2016

Florida 2016-Nokomis

Finally updating the rest of our Florida vacation. :)  We spent most of our week with Josh's grandparents in Nokomis (near Sarasota).  Every day was pretty much the same...get up, take a walk, hit the pool, eat lunch, go the beach, eat some dinner, go to bed.  Perfect.  We did do a couple of outings though.

One day we went to Myakka State Park with Grandma Mary to spot some alligators.  The kids love this place, and it's so pretty.

Family picture.  The kids fought over Josh's binoculars the entire time.  

The alligators were out in full force.

If you look really close you can see a gator on the right side of this photo.

We rode around on bikes quite a bit.  Ike really wants to be able to ride the big three wheeler.

Josh and the boys swimming. Ike got pretty good without his floats on while we were there.

Dave feeling the water for the first time this year.  A little chilly.

Look at these cute boys!

They got an early Easter present from Gamma so they didn't fight over Josh's anymore.

Annual picture at the Grove.

Another great year in Florida!  So thankful for everyone putting up with us and letting us stay!!  Until next year :)