Saturday, September 24, 2016

10th Anniversary in Canada

We had such an awesome time celebrating 10 years (yikes!) of marriage!  My mom came up to watch the kiddos, so we had 4 nights to get away and explore a little bit of Canada.  Our main objective was to eat at as many fabulous restaurants as possible.  I think we achieved our goal!  We started out in Niagara Falls on the Canadian Side.

Checking out the falls.  So beautiful and roaring!

View from our hotel.  Thanks mom for gifting us your points!

I loved all the different perspectives of the falls.

You have to enjoy a place where there's always a rainbow.

The Backhouse restaurant at Niagara-on-the-Lake.  Best meal we ate on the whole trip.

Wishing I could go back to enjoy this meal again!

Looking fabulous on the Hornblower.  We got drenched.

Taking the ferry over to Toronto Islands.  Beautiful view.

We stayed really near this cool sign.  It looked so neat lit up at night.

Snack at Alo Bar.  Best pork belly ever.  Also, my husband is awfully good at taking food pictures!

Wandering around the distillery district.

We bought the kids fun candy from Chinatown.

The streetcar system was really neat in Toronto, and looked cool too!

View from our room in Toronto.

Couldn't resist this photo opportunity.

It was so great to get away to celebrate and explore a new place together.  Now I have to figure out where we will be going for our 15 year anniversary  :)

Friday, August 19, 2016

Dave Goes to First Grade

How is it possible that we have a 1st grader?  Ahhhhh.  Life passes so quickly at times.  Dave was super pumped to begin this school year with some of his good friends in his class.  His teacher is Miss Hacker and Dave is very excited to get learning!

Gotta pose with his fancy sign.

Ike stole the sign.

Cuteness overload.

Dave is such a crazy, interesting kid at this point in his life.  He loves playing video games (especially Minecraft and any Lego game), building and playing with his extensive Lego sets, playing with his buddies, watching countless YouTube videos, and pestering Ike.  He and I are so alike we constantly butt heads on everything, which is funny and exasperating all at the same time.  Dave and Ike will be the sweetest, most adoring brothers one second, and then the next wrestling on the floor (with Ike usually pinning Dave since Ike almost outweighs him).

He loves to read and listen to all kinds of music, but usually whatever Josh is into at the moment.  Of course Pokemon Go is very popular in our house and he loves to hunt the Pokemon with our neighbor, Auggie and with my mom.  Or really anyone who has Pokemon Go on their phone...he's not super picky if I'm being honest!

He says he wants to be a police officer when he grows up, but I definitely see a future in engineering of some kind for him.  Time will tell I guess.  Just as long as he isn't still living with us playing video games when he's grown!  :)  Here's a video of Dave going over some of his favorite stuff right now. 

Ice cream time with his friend Alec before school started.

My big kid at his desk on orientation night!

Ike posing with the treats Dave's teacher brought in.  I'm pretty sure he sampled all of them.

Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Quick Evansville Trip

we decided to make one more summer trip to Evansville before Dave started school.  As a bonus, my Aunt Keri and Uncle Steve came to visit from Kansas!  I didn't take many pictures, but here is what I have!

Grandpa Dave had us over for dinner and Ike had to get a little pre-dinner work done.

Mowing great-grandpa's yard.

We planned to visit the 4-H fair but it rained and rained, so we met Uncle Tony at SkyZone, which is always a favorite with the kids.


Dave being all casual.

Josh dunking.  He may or may not have injured his thumb with this move.  :)

Tony and Uncle Steve poolside.

Grillin!  Dad made an awesome brisket.  Mmmmm.

The boys on a Gamma Date to McDs for breakfast!

Poor fella started feeling sickly at the end of our trip and took at least 2 naps on the day we came home!

As always, it was great to see everybody in Evansville!

Thursday, July 28, 2016

So Far This Summer...

Today I have a ton of photos from our summer so far.  Trying to catch up before school starts again!  We have stayed fairly busy, especially the last three weeks when the students on campus have been out of school.  Lots of lifeguarding for me and Josh and I have been teaching a cooking class, which was super fun.  We're done now and Dave has almost two weeks left of summer!

We went to see the Tin Caps play.   One of our friends got us awesome tickets so we took Divana with us and had a blast!

It was REALLY hot that day! 

Dave running the bases after the game.

Ike running bases.

Dave playing with his buddy Alec earlier this summer.

One of our many trips to the reservoir beaches.  Here are the little boys.

And the big boys.

I had a car load on the way home!

Ike out mowing with one of the mower guys on campus, Mr. Tomson.

He found a pair of radio headphones and now wears them constantly while mowing.  Of course, he cranks the music super loud so he can't hear me when I'm talking to him. :)

We went hiking at Asherwood with the Mealys.

Ike and I visited our friends the Slaughters over in Valpo.  So nice to reconnect!

I got to see one of my favorite movies, Twister, at the drive in!  Thanks to the Elliotts for bringing me along!

Demolition derby time.

While we were waiting for the heats to begin, I took Ike to see the tractors at the fair.

Stunnin with Auntie Em.

Ike really loved the crashing!

It was the best derby ever-we sat really close and constantly had mud flinging all over us!

New pajamas-Dave's are Teen Titans and Ike's are Paw Patrol.

So that's our summer so far.  I have a couple pics to post from our Evansville trip last weekend but other than that I think that sums everything up!  Hoping to relax the next couple of weeks until Dave starts school and Josh and I go on our 10th anniversary trip to Toronto!

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Kansas Visit

Still working on catching up on blogposts from this summer!  In the beginning of June, Ike and I went out to visit family in Kansas.  My Uncle Tim had been put on hospice so we wanted to visit with him and see the rest of the family.  I am very sad to say that Tim has since passed away, but I am thankful he is no longer suffering.

All the brothers minus Uncle Alan.

Ike playing in Papa Charlie's Silver Bullet before we left for Kansas.

Digging up Uncle Joe's yard.  I am sure he appreciated that.

Helping Uncle Steve mow Tim's yard.

Chilling in Joe's boat. They were on land, but I'm sure Ike pretended they were actually boating.

Ike with Bre and Jake.  He loved seeing everybody, but was especially excited to see their new baby, Hudson!

So these were only the pictures I took with my phone-I have misplaced my SD card from my camera somehow.  Once I find it I'll add the actual pictures I took of everybody!  It was great to visit everybody!  Looking forward to seeing my Aunt Keri and Uncle Steve again this weekend  :)