Saturday, June 2, 2018

Quick Trip to Detroit and Mother's Day in Evansville

My mom came up to visit with us for a week early on in May. Her main reason was to watch the kids for us while we went to Detroit for a concert, but she also got to see the kids play baseball and soccer so that was super cool!

We went on a hike since we had some beautiful weather.

Ike diligently helping look for mushrooms. We didn't find any this year!

Detroit! We are along the riverfront here.

Found a place with oldschool arcade games. Unsurprisingly I was terrible at everything! Games are hard.

Getting ready for Haim! Man that was a great concert!

We got back from our trip, hung out for a day and then headed down to Evansville for the weekend.

Ike and Aunt Kathy with some sweet glasses.

Dave working hard for money to pay for camp. Grandpa had him wash his convertible!

Ike helped clean off the patio. And watched Dave :)

Finishing off grandpa's pie.

Ready for the 5K!

The 5K was the main reason for our visit. I came in last of our group (keeping in mind Tony didn't train at all!) and I was beat by a person who was speed walking, ha! But, we did it and it was relatively fun!

At Dad and Kyra's pool. It was so hot!

Action shot.  Here's a couple of videos...Dave dunkingIke flipping.

That was a fun-packed week for us! The rest of May wasn't too eventful which was nice. Now school is out and we're pretty busy again-guess that's life with kids!

Wednesday, May 9, 2018

April Wrap-Up

Josh and the boys finished reading Hatchet.

Ike trying out his new rain boots. Good news, they're waterproof.

Hauling stuff in his combine. There has been lots of farm equipment out lately so this has renewed Ike's interest in his tractors.

Helping plant some flowers for next year.

Toast on a stick. Not the most sanitary way of dining but it works I guess.

Ike was mad because I made him change his clothes before school. Important information: he wore those clothes the day before. He's not the best in personal hygiene currently! :)

Sometimes you have to get creative so your hands are free for ice cream eating.

Ike and his buddy Bennett posing for me...they've done this same picture the last couple of years.

I don't have any more pictures of Dave...since Ike's home all of the time he gets the majority of my paparazzi-like hovering.

Dave getting ready for a baseball game.

I spent a lot of time in the cold/windy elements watching the boys practice for soccer and baseball. So thankful for warm weather!!!

The boys and grandpa Boo on his birthday.

We cheered hard for the Pacers-so sad they didn't make it further this year!  Here's a video of Dave dunking like Oladipo. 

Monday, May 7, 2018

First Concert!

Josh and I took the boys to their very first concert during spring break-Rend Collective. If you haven't heard of them they are an Irish Christian band that is pretty folksy sounding. I am a big fan and the kids have liked them for a while now. Anyway, we got tickets (it was at a big church in Fort Wayne) and the kids (and us) were super pumped up for it!

Waiting for the band.

Waiting to get inside. Holy moly it was cold for April!

We had really great seats and the show was amazing.

The kids fell asleep on the way home. They of course "weren't tired at all". :)

Before the show we ate at a restaurant called Junk Ditch in Fort Wayne. Yum!

I had about 10 pictures of the food we ate, but I thought I should only post's our dessert. It was ridiculous.

Now that they've been to one concert they keep asking when we can go to another one. Little do they know, but we bought them Fall Out Boy tickets for their birthdays! The show isn't until October so we've gotta wait forever to tell them. I am horrible about keeping secrets...this is going to be so hard for me!

Saturday, April 28, 2018

Easter in Evansville and Egg Hunt on Campus

We spent Easter weekend in Evansville...lots of family time, egg hunts, and candy!

Playing cards with great-grandpa.

Hanging with Liam and Gavin.

We don't get together very often so we took lots of pictures of the four of them!

New sunglasses.

Easter surprises.

Ready to hunt some eggs.

Heading to church.

You can just tell Ike is up to something.

Apparently Tony was being too loud during the service.

Tony and I hid the eggs...we did an excellent job.

Took some work for him to find that one.

Counting up their spoils from the eggs.

Breakfast date with Gamma. Love visiting because Josh and I get to sleep in!

Can't have a visit without a ride on Gpa Dave's 4-wheeler.

My cousin Gil was at Grandpa's shooting his new bow so of course Ike needed to check it out.

Cousins picture with Grandpa.

Before we left for Evansville, the campus held an Easter egg hunt. It was a cold, windy day but the kids had a blast!

All decked out in full winter gear.

Nice looking group of boys we've got running around campus!

Love their faces. They were so pumped up.