Monday, April 7, 2014

Celebrating Grandma Colleen

Last Sunday my family lost a wonderful woman.  Grandma Colleen was truly amazing, and she will be missed by so many people.  Even knowing that she was suffering and not herself (she had Alzheimer's), it is still difficult to know that she will not be around us again on earth. 

I was so fortunate that Josh offered to keep the kids with him in Evansville while Tony and I traveled out to Kansas to be with my family and celebrate grandma.  We all had a great time reminiscing and telling stories.  My cousin reminded me that you could never say "yeah" around grandma without her making you say "yes" 10 times.  She sure was a stickler for proper language!  I even remember her telling me she called into news shows when the anchors misspoke on air. 

On the other hand, we all remember the time grandma did jello shots, and even have photograph evidence  :)  She also made the coolest pancake animals for breakfast.  I am still trying to figure out how she made the bunnies!  And I always loved that she made an effort to come to our stuff (basketball games, concerts, etc.) when we were growing up, even though she lived about 8 hours away from us.

I took pictures of some of my favorite grandma photos, and thought I would post those.  I will  remember her as the grandma who bowled and loved buses (she was a school bus driver and trainer for most of her career).  So the first picture is how I always think of her.

One of the years she made it to the state championships.

Grandma on her wedding day.  Such a classic beauty, and that dress is amazing!

Grandma, me, my dad, and uncle Steve out on the old farm.

Dad, Tony, grandma, and her mom Grandma True.

Grandma with the boys from last October.

All of grandma's boys (my uncles) after the funeral service.

I am so thankful that the boys and I made the trip to see her last October.  We had such a great visit and I am glad that Ike got to meet her.  Tony and I made it out in time for the viewing and then the service and it was really nice to see everybody and hear firsthand how grandma affected so many different people.  She will definitely be greatly missed by all of those who loved her. 

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lromer said...

Wonderful tribute to a wonderful woman!